Graham only 3 years ago, was one of the UKs heaviest men at 52 stone, he was a recluse for the best part of 15 years suffering with sleep apnea, cellulitis, severe depression, anxiety to name only a few comorbidities and he was close to dying, after two bariatric surgeries and a new confidence, Graham is now a personal trainer specialising in obesity. Graham has set up a fitness club in a private area of Active¬†Fitness Club Luton for anyone with a BMI over 30 and their carers or spouse. BIG Health & Fitness is for people who are overweight, obese and super obese, sorry but NO skinnies allowed, we’re creating a safe haven for people like Graham who have struggled with obesity.

BIG Health & Fitness


For more information on any of the BIG Health & Fitness services please contact her directly.

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