The team at Active Fitness Club Luton

Active Fitness Club have a great fitness team with some of the best and motivated trainers in Luton.

Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, postural improvement, nutritional advice, training for a sport or event, there will be a fitness trainer who can help you achieve your goal.

Our trainers are regularly sent on workshops, seminars, and conventions to further their training knowledge and help bring you the results you want.


Club Manager

Becky Spencer - Club Manager. Active Fitness Club Luton.

“My work background is from a management role rather than a fitness role, however, I have been interested in health and fitness for all my adult life and I have taken part in a number of fitness activities”.


Fitness Manager

“I’ve always been into fitness from a young age and have been qualified for over 6 years now. I enjoy helping people to achieve their goals and seeing the new found confidence this gives them in themselves.”


Front of House

“Working in the gym has been beneficial in many ways, not only have this helped me with my self confidence; I also love being part of a team that help people to achieve their goals.”


Fitness Trainer

“Training is my lifestyle and I enjoy all aspects of my job especially teaching the classes, pushing people to achieve their personal health and fitness goals and learning techniques and new things”.


Fitness Trainer

“I love working in the industry and my confidence has grown throughout my time at the club. I enjoying helping a variety of different people to achieve their goals which gives me great satisfaction”


Fitness Trainer

“Harry is at college studying Sports and Fitness Level 2 and will be starting his Personal Training Level 3 shortly”


Fitness Trainer

“I’m a 19-year-old with a big passion for football and sports in general. I have played football since I was about 6. I played for my local team called Symonds Green. And, recently played for Watford.”


Cleaner / Front of House

“I have a background in Health and Social Care, with some specialism in Metabolism and Health” I have been at Active Fitness Club since January 2017. I assist with front of house and membership enquiries.

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